Arisarum proboscideum

"Il Bottaccio" is characterised by small lowland plain woods, composed mainly of English Oak (Quercus robur) and the European Alder (Alnus glutinosa).

This plant formation resembles the old forests that once covered the European plains.

Because of its characteristics, it can, together with the Tanali Woods, more specifically be considered as the last remaining remnants of the forests that once surrounded Lake Bientina.

Because of its historical as well as naturalistic importance, these woods deserve maximum protection and exploitation.

The WWF has undertaken its management with a re-naturalisation project which, among other things, foresees the reintroduction of autochthonous species, long disappeared.

Two plant species of particular interest are the rare "Mouse plant" Arisarum proboscideum, endemic to the Italian Peninsular, whose rhizomes are a delicacy for the porcupine, and the creeper Periploca graeca.

The lowest area of "Il Bottaccio", populated by the marsh reeds and rushes, together with the wet meadows may not offer a remarkable floristic array, but they do add to the pleasantness of the landscape and habitat diversification as these ecotonal belts are of great naturalistic value.