The protected area

Bosco igrofilo di farnie

The Bottaccio Oasis is  a Natural Protected Area of Local Interested  (ANPIL), established by the Commune of Capannori under  Regional Law 49/95 for protected areas and covers an area of 46.7 hectares. 

It is adjacent to the Bosco di Tanali (Tanali Wood) ANPIL (175 hectares), instituted by the Commune of  Bientina.
The Bottaccio Oasis falls totally within two other institutes, one whose function is to protect the environment and the other to protect the fauna: the SIC-SIR B03, denominated the ex Bientina Lake Bed (1054.4 hectares),  instituted under the Regional Law for safeguarding biodiversity and the other a protected area along the migratory routes of the Bientina avifauna (466 hectares), instituted under the Hunting Laws.

The Region of Tuscany has requested that the bed of the Bientina marshes, and therefore also for the Bottaccio Oasis, be designated as a Ramsar Area which, under an international convention, called Ramsar, foresees the protection of wetlands.

With acquisition of the State demesne rights, the Italian Association for the World Wide Fund has managed "Il Bottaccio" since 1991. Since 1993 it has been part of the WWF network of national oases.

The aims of "Il Bottaccio" Management are the conservation of the present landscape, safeguarding the flora and fauna and to render the protected area usable by providing suitable facilities.

Notice Boards round the periphery clearly indicate its status as a protected area, inform the public that hunting is prohibited and that the area is a WWF Oasis. "Il Bottaccio" is a closed reserve and all entrances have lockable gates.