Lake Sibolla is a small stretch of water measuring about 27 hectares, of which 12,000 sq. m. form an extensive central pond.  

In spite of its small size it is undoubtedly one of the most precious natural environments in Italy. The Lake is situated in the Province of Lucca, between Altopascio and Chiesina Uzzanese.

It lies within the central part of a lowland catchment area collecting rain water from a total surface area of about 1,400,000 sq.m.

Much of the marshland sector is surrounded by meadows, wasteland and still cultivated fields. In contrast, the south-western and eastern sides of the basin still support wooded areas, some hygrophilous (with lowland Poplar stands) and others mesoxerophilous with Pubescent Oak and Cluster Pine.

Almost all the water supply to Sibolla is "endogenous", as the marsh basin has practically no permanent and important affluents. There is only one effluent, the Sibolla Trench, which flows into the Fucecchio Marshes.