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Osservatorio Le Morette

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"Illusioni nel canneto", mostra 9 nov.-29 dic. 2019

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Nuova guida del Padule di Fucecchio

Progetto falene della Valdinievole - Citizen science


The centre is open to the public:

- on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays with 9-13 hours*

- on Saturdays , Sundays and holidays (see the monthly calendar of openings)

*excepts for commitments offsite of staff.


For information and guided tours:

Centre for Research, Documentation and Promotion of Fucecchio Marshes

Via Don Franco Malucchi (giĆ  via Castelmartini) n. 115, 51036 Larciano (PT)

Tel. and fax 0573/84540



The Centre (tel. 0573/84540, email

The Centre for Research, Documentation and Promotion of Fucecchio Marshes, the ONLUS Association, formed of representatives of public bodies and Associations interested in protecting this environment, aims to promote the conservation and exploitation of the historical, environmental and naturalistic aspects of Fucecchio Marshes and Lake Sibolla wetlands of national and international interest, as well as other environments in northern Tuscany, especially in the River Arno Basin.

The Centre participates in the management of the Fucecchio Marshes Nature Reserve  and provides technical-scientific advice on maintenance and restoration work, as well as drafting and compiling scientific and educational literature.

The Centre organises both educational and recreational activities, carries out research and monitoring services to check the quality of the environment and programmes research for the conservation and natural restoration of the habitat that also involves other wetlands in the region.

The Centre gives particular importance to educational activities for all age groups, including in-service training and refresher courses for teachers.

It also has a Laboratory for Environmental Education in the Fucecchio Marshes at Castelmartini, that offer schools 30 different itineraries for nature and historical-environmental trails related to the Fucecchio Marshes and other places of interest in the neighbourhood: Lake Sibolla, the Cerbaie Hills, Montalbano.  Meetings are arranged for different classes, in the open and in the specially equipped structures.

The Centre also organises guided tours for school groups and adults.  These are led by qualified Environmental Guides under Regional Law no. 86/2016.


How to support the activities of the Center

Anyone can support the Center by collaborating directly with the various initiatives, sending a financial contribution to the postal account n. 1012707442 or allocating the 5 x thousand of IRPEF with the indication of the fiscal code of the Association: 90011500478.
For any other information, you can contact the operators of the Centro R.D.P. Padule di Fucecchio at 0573/84540 or by writing to


The new visitor's Centre of Castelmartini

The new Visitor Center of the Fucecchio Marshes Nature Reserve "Baronessa Irene Alfano Montecuccoli" in Castelmartini is the main point of reference for the use of the protected area and hosts the Laboratory for Environmental Education in the Fucecchio Marshes.

It is a large wooden structure of about 400 square meters, well inserted in the environment and surrounded by an open space of 3,500 square meters, built with particularly innovative techniques and all the measures required by green building to optimize energy efficiency, quality and the eco-sustainability of the building.

Inside a large room there are materials related to the historical and naturalistic aspects and to the local traditions of the Fucecchio Marshes; the "barchino" (small boat), the "castle" for the breeding of silkworms, the nets, tools and artifacts made with marsh grass, the model of the Ponte di Cappiano and that of the ancient Porto de Le Morette, shapes of fish and water birds.

The Visitor Center also has two large classrooms equipped with various teaching aids including binocular and biological microscopes (with video connection), an exhibition of collected "natural objects" and products made with marsh grasses. In the Laboratory there is also a well-stocked thematic library on wetlands, while outside there is a green space with spontaneous shrubs of Montalbano and tanks for aquatic plants.

The Visitor Center also hosts temporary exhibitions (photography, naturalistic design, etc.) and, inside the bookshop room, the permanent exhibition of the preparatory works of the monument in memory of the fallen of the Massacre of 23 August 1944, made by the sculptor Gino Terreni, donated to the Municipality of Larciano .


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