Promotional activities

Il lago di Zela

The main area consists chiefly of private holdings. Since the holdings are not fenced off, it is possible to visit all the sectors of the protected area, as long as due attention is paid to respect the property and its use.

It is possible to visit the Laghina Oasis, property of the Commune, all year round on days which will be notified on request for information.

The infrastructure allows access to the oasis by foot with the possibility for disabled visitors to visit the most interesting part of the itinerary.

There are two observation hides, one of which is large to accommodate school groups, large private groups and disabled visitors.

The Educational and Reception Centre is located at Casa di Zela, donated by the Banchelli Loris and Banchelli Otello families to the Administration Department of the Commune,  which saw to restoring the building while maintaining its original characteristics.  

Inside there is also a permanent exhibition of objects of rural culture and traditional crafts from the collection of  Ernesto Franchi.

Educational activities, which also concern the nearby Bosco la Magia ANPIL, are mainly held in spring-summer and guided visits are organised for schools and tourists.