The protected area

Le Lame di Fuori

The area is a Nature Reserve within the Regional Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli.

The area therefore falls under the environmental legislation operative throughout the Park: i.e. L.R. 61/79 and L.R. 24/94 and subsequent amendments, general regulations in force for use of the park (Resolution G.R. n. 7375 of 06.08.93) and Territorial Planning of the Park (Resolution C.R. n. 515 of 12.12.89).

The Management Planning of San Rossore Estate, adopted on 13.04.1999, gives all specific rules and regulations.

Article 18 for Nature Reserves states as follows: "The Nature reserve of "Lame di Fuori" includes the wetlands from which it takes its name, the area of wet meadows called ‘Pastura delle Colmate’ and the wooded area forming the north western sector.

Annual procedures are allowed in the reserve aimed at forestalling progressive silting to encourage the permanence of birds during winter and migration.

Re-flooding is planned in some areas of the Pasture delle Colmate as indicated in the preceding art. 10 with the installment of hides for observing fauna. Guided tours are allowed from 1st September to 30th April".