The Protected Area

A glimpse of the protected area

The Protected Nature Area of Local Interest (ANPIL), established under the Resolution of the Commune Council of Sesto Fiorentino of 26th February,1998 n. 72, is about 50 hectares large, with the recent addition of about 7 hectares belonging to the “Laghino dei Cavalieri” (Black-winged Stilt Pond).

The Commune of Sesto Fiorentino Administration, following tender, awarded management of the protected area and  publicly owned operational areas within the ANPIL to Legambiente – Sesto Fiorentino Circle – under a convention lasting until 2013.

Another pond “Lago del Capitano” (Lake of the Captain) should also be mentioned; it is adjacent to the protected area and about to be included within the ANPIL boundaries and managed jointly by Legambiente and Federcaccia.

At present hunting is forbidden in all the ANPIL area;  a petition sent by Legambiente and the venatory associations present in the territory (Arcicaccia and Federcaccia) requesting the closure of  hunting over the  entire area of the plain in the Communal territory of Sesto Fiorentino is waiting for approval by the competent sectors.