Vegetation belts

Esempio di cintura vegetazionale

Wetland "biodiversity" is extremely high. Every corner is teeming with plants and animals - some of them now considered rare or threatened by extinction: these species are highly specialised organisms and can only live in specific areas within the wetland biotope.

Wetland vegetation is distributed in more or less concentric "belts", depending on the depth, salinity of the water and on its clarity, i.e. on how far the sun's rays can penetrate below the surface of the water.


Starting from the middle of the pond, where the water is at its deepest, a continuous succession of plant associations follow each other as far as the bank, each blending into the next until they eventually give way to the water meadows and riparian woodland.

There is therefore a gradual transition from one "microecosystem" to the next - indeed it is this variety of habitats in such a small area that has created the conditions that allow the wetlands such a high biodiversity.