Green Toad

Green Toad

Green Toad - Bufo viridis

Small, brightly coloured toad with stocky body and warty skin. Dorsal parts are pale with distinctive green-grey marbling and some bright red warts. The underparts are whitish, sometimes with small black spots.

The males reach a maximum of 9cm in length, females 14 cm. A terrestrial frog, it only goes to the water to breed. It frequents various types of habitats, including human settlements and the sea shore, unlike the Common Toad.

It is active at dusk and at night but passes the day hiding in dens and burrows, under stones etc. It breeds between March and August, normally after the Common Toad where the two species live together. It can cover long distances to reach the water, but over time does not remain particularly faithful to its breeding site.

During the breeding season the male emits a characteristic trill, almost like that of the mole cricket. As it can tolerate more salty water than other Anurans, it can breed in brackish waters.

The female lays from 5,000 to 13,000 eggs in ribbons consisting of 3-4 strands of eggs which fall to the bottom. The tadpoles metamorphose after 2 months and reach sexual maturity when they about 4 years old.

It feeds on many different sorts of prey including earthworms, Arthropods, slugs and snails. If handled, it gives off a secretion with a characteristic odour which is not poisonous but is irritant if it comes into contact with mucous membranes or eyes.