Antonelli's Ground Beetle

Antonelli's Ground Beetle

Antonelli's Ground Beetle - Carabus clathratus antonellii

Coleopteran belonging to the Carabidae family, this ground beetle is associated with marshland habitats and a central-northern Apennine distribution.

The species is considered to be rather uncommon, and indeed has only been reported in a few stations in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia, Tuscany, Lazio.

It has probably disappeared altogether in some of these places due to changing environmental conditions following land reclamation and massive human settlement.

In some areas it is also under risk of extinction because of pollution. At our latitudes, because of its dotted distribution, it is considered a relict and Tuscany, with the Fucecchio Marshes, as the southern limited of its distribution.

Carabus clathratus antonellii is a medium sized (30 mm), particularly elegant ground beetle thanks to its decorated elytra and golden iridescence. But this characteristic has unfortunately led to a fall in the popultation because it has thoughtlessly been taken for private collections and commercial purposes.

Typical of the wetlands, it can also be found in aerial habitats, on the banks of canals, under moss or cut canes, in fallen tree trunks as well as in the water habitat.

Indeed, it seems to like the water, it can stay for long periods under water and is a good swimmer and hunter.