Marsh Pennywort

Marsh Pennywort

Marsh Pennywort - Hydrocotyle vulgaris

The Marsh Pennywort is a perennial, with creeping prostrate, threadlike stem and rooting at the nodes. 

Its leaves are unmistakable:  circular and dentate along the margins, joined to the stem by means of long stipules attached to the middle of the blade, from where the veins branch out radially.  

It belongs to the  Umbelliferae Family: The tiny whitish flowers, gathered in an umbrella-like inflorescence. bloom from June to August.

The flower stalks are very short and sometimes it may be impossible to see the flowers because they are hidden underneath the leaves.

The Marsh Pennywort is a hygrophilous plants that grows in damp habitats, like the Massaciuccoli Marshes, and in wet woods at San Rossore;  it is certainly cannot be missed, at Lake Sibolla where it carpets the sphagnum bogs.