Common Tree Frog

Common Tree Frog

Common Tree Frog - Hyla intermedia

Species characterised by smooth skin on the back but grainy on the belly, and fingers ending in adhesive pads. The back is a brilliant green colour but the belly is yellowish-white. A dark line, often edged with white and yellow above, runs from the eye to the groin.

The two sexes are similar in size (approximately 5-6 cm) but the male is generally smaller than the female. It is found in the plains where it frequents a large variety of habitats like woods, paddy field, bogs, lakes etc.

the other species of Anurans, it can often be seen on trees and bushes which it nimbly climbs thanks to the adhesive pads under its fingers. It is typically active at night but can easily be seen during the day too, as it resists dry conditions.

To breed, it uses pools of still water and even small puddles, where the males attract the females with their call. The females lay small, nut-sized masses of eggs placing them on plants or else letting them fall into the water. They feed on small Arthropods which they catch on the ground or on plants.

Protected species under the Regional Law of Tuscany no. 56/2000.