Common Sea-Lavender

Common Sea-Lavender

Common Sea-Lavender - Limonium serotinum (= Limonium vulgare)

Perennial herbaceous plant, typical of coastal lagoon habitats and brackish pools.

The basal, lanceolate-spatulate leaves taper towards the stalk, which widens at the base and is sheathed.

The inflorescence is held on a stalk reaching 70 centimetres in height, with lax branches often curved backwards in an arch. The small, lavender-purple flowers are arranged in short spikes. T

his species is typical of the Salicornia or salt-wort fields where, with its long period of flowering, it adds to the characteristic multi-coloured display of these formations.

Over 100 species belonging to genus Limonium occur along the coasts of the entire Mediterranean basin, and it is often difficult to identify one from the other.

The Common Sea-lavender is one of the most widespread, in northern Tuscany it is one of the most characteristic plants of the low vegetation in the Nature Reserve of the Lame di Fuori of San Rossore.