The ornithological potential of the protected area is fully evident in the case of the Passeriformes, in virtue of the variety and vicinity of so many different biotopes (from woodland, to reed thickets to wet meadows).

It is possible to observe a remarkable number of species pertaining to different environments marked by typically different geographical distributions.

Falco di Padule

Some of the species most strictly related to wetlands are: Penduline Tit, of Euro-Centro-Asiatic distribution, resident and breeding; Reed warbler, Great Reed Warbler and the Savi's Warbler, migratory and breeding species with a Euro-Mediterranean distribution.

The Reed Bunting is a winter visitor to the reed thickets, whilst Cetti's Warbler can be considered a breeding resident. The Grey Heron is one of the Ardeidae which more or less regularly visit the area, especially in autumn and winter.

Others, like the Little Egret, some in their nuptial plumage, stay all spring. In late spring and summer it is not unusual to see individuals of Purple Heron, Great White Egret or a first year juvenile Night Heron.