Gambero rosso della Luisiana

If there were a prize for the number of allochthonous animals, it would surely be awarded to the fishes: Perch, Catfish, Mosquitofish and a large number of introduced Cyprinids are all more abundant in the wetlands than the native fish.

The fauna giving most cause for concern from the point of view of environmental impact are the Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) and a large rodent from South America, the Nutria or Coypu (Myocastor coypus).

Introduced and bred for gastronomic and fur trade purposes respectively, after gaining their freedom, they have both proved to have an incredible capacity to spread and reproduce.

The "Along the migratory routes" project has commenced research on these two animals in the affected areas.


Two other animals, originally introduced as ornamental species and pets, are also widespread in the area.

These are the American Terrapins (several species) and the Red Avadavat (Amandava amandava), a small bird originally from south east Asia, today very common especially in the Fucecchio Marshes.

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